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What Is EPONA?
Named after the ancient horse goddess Epona, a symbol of healing, transformation and balance for the Celts, Epona Equestrian Services is a collaborative Tucson-based collective of educators, counselors, horse trainers, and riding instructors exploring the healing potential of horse-human relationships.

Founded in 1997 by author, lecturer and horse trainer Linda Kohanov, Epona has received international attention for innovative programs employing horses in the work of human development.

Susan Middleton is an Epona Approved Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning Instructor (as taught by Linda Kohanov, author of "The Tao of Equus" and "Riding Between the Worlds" and Kathleen Barry Ingraham). She is available for individual and group sessions.

The Epona Approach to Human Development...Why Horses?

Over the last ten years, we've discovered that interacting with these magnificent creatures can be immensely therapeutic physically, mentally, and spiritually, helping people reawaken long-forgotten abilities that are capable of healing the imbalances of modern life. At a time when horses are no longer required to work in our fields and carry us to war, they can do something arguably more important---work on us.

Developing Human Potential Through the Way of the Horse

Horses are consummate facilitators in the work of human development. The size of such an animal alone inspires a heightened state of awareness. These intelligent, sensitive creatures respond to both positive and negative changes in the handler's behavior, offering people constant feedback and timely rewards or consequences for their actions.

Horses are social creatures who readily and honestly respond to the challenges inherent in forming and sustaining relationships. As animals that are preyed upon in nature, they have also retained a highly developed ability to sense changes in the stance and arousal levels of other herd members, an ability they easily transfer to interactions with human beings.
Horses see through the slightest incongruities of emotion and intention, yet they are exceedingly patient and forgiving.

Through a series of specially designed activities, participants deepen awareness of personal issues, core feelings and areas of bodily tension that inhibit their ability to reach their true potential.
A tremendous boost in self-esteem and confidence comes from learning how to establish boundaries and direct a thousand pound creature through mental focus, creative visualization and clarity of intent. These skills, which can be difficult to teach in a conventional classroom or counseling session but come easily when working with horses, have far ranging applications linked to increased success in personal relationships, career and parenting.

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