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My journey with horses began as a young girl, with a pony named Prince and a magnificent thoroughbred named Joe…

Years later I am still realizing the profound effect my earliest experiences with these incredible creatures had on me. Today, Figure, my rescue horse, continues to lead me on a journey of self discovery and has transformed my life through focused lessons that demand I be present. I hope to share the remarkable lessons Figure has taught me so that others can experience how to acknowledge their own feelings, learn self-acceptance, and truly bring peace to their lives … through the way of the horse.

A Pony Named Prince
My first connection to horses began as a 13-year old girl. Prince was a feisty little guy who bucked most people off, and I was one of the only people who could ride him. At such a young age I couldn't possibly know what a huge impact this small creature would have throughout my life.
At 14, I should have been intimidated by this imposing, gorgeous thoroughbred standing 17 hands tall. Instead, I was open to receiving the lessons he was willing to teach me; not just to ride and jump, but to be confident and self-assured, and most importantly, to be one with the horse.

Figure, A Rescue Horse
 entered my life through a very special man, Ron Levesque. At the time, I didn't realize how many fears Figure and I shared. I was given this horse to "rescue", but in truth, he has saved me and given me my life back!

Through Figure, I have rediscovered a sense of peace in my life I have not known since my first experiences with horses so many years ago. I have learned to face my fears, recognize my limitations, and truly accept myself.

The lessons we learn from horses transfer to human lives with astonishing ease if we are open to receiving them. The importance of being present, to acknowledge feelings as they happen, to set boundaries, and to be true to ourselves is a pricelss gift.

~Susan Middleton
Founder of Noah's Arc

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